Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Help An Animal!

Casey was kicked out

of her yard.She likes playing with balls and ropes.

Gretchen was found dumped and abandoned.She is friendly and uses her voice to get attention.
I want her to have a home before she passes away.

Do you like dogs or cats?If you do,adopt one at the shelter!!At the Tulsa shelter, ,you can get a dog or cat with a heart because it has problems (like medication, or you have to have a tall fence,or two animals that have to be together)you can get a dog for $45.00 or a cat for $35.00.Here are some dogs who have hearts.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some of you know that I went to Ukraine with my dad.Now everyone knows.We came to adopt two kids.It's not just that,though.We do fun stuff like ride subways,eat at Ukrainian restaurants,stuff like that.

Here are some tips to help you in Ukraine:
1) If you don't want gas water say voda biz gas(no gas water)
2) Keep your wallet safe (in a money pouch or a deep pocket)
3)Hold on to the subway... there are a lot of sharp turns
4)Wear comfortable shoes
5)Count your change so you don't get cheated

That's all you have to do and you'll have a great time in Ukraine!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Horse "Stuff"

This is a bridle.It goes in a horses mouth to ride.Next to it are hoof picks. You use it to pick feet.Picking Moe and T.C's feet is my favorite thing to do.

Under this is a halter and lead rope. You can lead a horse around with this.

T.C(Too Cute)

Look at this beautiful horse.For those of you who have been to our house you probably guessed this was at our house,and that probably makes you think this is our horse.Right?Well it is.I am not trying to brag, but he is beautiful.He is nice too.A few days ago we put the bridle in his mouth wrong,and he did exactly what we wanted him to do(keep in mind he has a metal thing that we put in his mouth wrong).I think this is special for three reasons:

1.Moe would buck or do something mean.

2.T.C is 23.

3.Someone with a broken leg was riding him(at least she was experienced).

I love him so much because you can talk to him and he'll listen to you like he is really interested(he probably is not).He is a red roan. I wanted to say that because he looks dirty but that is just his hairs.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Valentine Books

For Valentines Day I made books for some people.Hope liked the idea so I taught her how to make one.Under the chipmunk(or whatever it is)she wrote G-A-S!I think she thought it was a skunk....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Nellie is a hunting dog(as you can see).She eats field mice,our chickens,and we think she might have eaten one of our bunnies.She has also killed about 3 possums.But she is so hilarious. If you start loving on her she'll start chasing her tail.Sometimes I try to sneak to the barn without her knowing,but she's always there first.It almost looks like she has eye lashes(tiny ones).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anna Needs A Family!!

This little girl needs a family!!! Please help raise money for this sweet little girl.You can go to Reece' name is Anna.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates On Pets

Buddy the Cow has grown really big. You can see his horns.
We got new bunnies. We actually got 4, but it only shows 2.The top is either Jack or Jill.The bottom is Champagne(my bunny).

I started horse riding lessons. This is me riding Pepper.

This is Romeo,our pet goat. We got him where we got the bunnies.