Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have written a lot of poems! here they all are!!!!
1. bliss.
3.candy land.
4. outdoors
5.hope guitar

I love to write poems!!!!

ava playing with the fan...

my aunt was babysitting ava,(she always has fun there)I didn't hear the whole thing, but I think this was the funnest!!

a message from simeon "this is the car I want when I grow up"

this is sooo simeon talk!! he has a blog like me, jude, mom, and dad. It's called '''' and it's all about cars!!(well... actually more nicer cars, like ferraris,and lamborghinis.) me and his car are sooo different!!!

290 page books!!!

this book is not the best.. so of course that makes it the last favorite. but down below there are better ones...
this is book six, of sisters grimm I haven't read it, but it sure looks good!
here is book 2 of sisters grimm, the one I just finished. the beginning is pretty funny! it's my favorite book!!
this is book one... I SHOULD HAVE SHUFFLED THESE!! this is my 2nd favorite book!!
this is my 4th favorite.
and my 3rd favorite.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


me and jude have a funny-ish, wierd-ish thing that we do... we carry the fat ponchick in the stroller and call it....  the ava-mobile, and call ava of course... the" ava-mobile" driver. we say she's faster than a lambergini... even though she's not:)And has won every race... she often does this when we are pushing her:BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!BA!!!!! but 1 million more times though...  and she also weighs that much, or at least it seems like it. she also has other things to talk about, besides the weight thing. she has: grown a lot, learned about signs,and has gotten a lot noisier.

best friends

this is a picture of me and my friends.... Marissa, evi, and me. evi is the one with the googly eyes, Marissa is the one with the tongue stuck out straight, and ''you know me"!
here is a SERIOUS one... right next to the "christmas wreath...WHEN IT ISN'T EVEN CHRISTMAS!!!! ha!ha!ha!